Treatment in the USA

CONCIERGE SOLOMON GOLD provides an opportunity to treat and improve your health in USA. You will be able to high-level medical services. The fact is, that the US medicine system is the most stable system. American medicine occupies one of the leading places in the world. -  In terms of effectiveness level, by the medical research. Therefore, medical workers provide their patients with an accurate diagnosis, and a quality treatment of any diseases.

In addition, while undergoing treatment in US clinics, you can be sure, that you will not get any secondary diseases, infections or complications.  American doctors pay special attention, not only the treatment, but also,  to an illnesses prevention.

It is worth noting, that the US medicine is leading in area of  organ transplantation, in particularly difficult cases, such as heart and lung transplants. Also, in the US, there is an effective system for combating cancer. In oncological centers, there are different specialists, including immunologists and psychologists.

In the area of cardiology, orthopedics and neurosurgery, highly - qualified specialists are also work, providing qualitative examination, diagnosis and treatment. The US clinics are equipped with modern equipment that allows them to have a stable medical system, capable of developing, and responding rapidly in changing conditions.

Service in American clinics is on the highest level, ensuring confidentiality and respect for patients. One of the important characteristic is, that any US clinic is able to provide to an international patient with an interpreter.
Here, in addition to treatment, patients can also go through rehabilitation. A successful rehabilitation has always been the one of main components of literate treatment.

Among the other things, CONCIERGE SOLOMON GOLD advises and provides legal support for medical services. We prepare the  complete package of documents, and accompany for the delivery.

The United States of America has the most expensive health system in the world. The United States spends more on the health system, than any other country - in absolute terms, and in relation to the gross domestic product (GDP) per capita. So, only, in 2007, USA spent on health care $2.26 trillion, which is $7,439 per person.  According to the lastes estimates, about 16% of GDP is spent on medical care in the United States. It is expected, that the share of GDP, allocated for the health care, in the US , will increase, and by 2017 , it will be 19.5%

According to the Institute of Medicine of the US National Academy of Sciences, the United States, is the only one developed industrial country in the world, that doesn't have an universal health system. In the United States, about 84% of citizens have health insurance, 64% of them are provided by the employer, 9% have acquired it independently, 27% of the citizens are covered by state programs. Some state programs provide medical assistance to disabled people, the elderlies, children, veterans, low-income people, and provide emergency assistance to all residents of the country, regardless of their ability to pay for it. More than 45% of the country's expenditure goes to finance  health system,  such of a state programs, so ,-  the US government is the largest  nation insurant