Additional features. Training and Entertainment.

Solomon Mines regularly conducts educational and recreational activities aimed at improving the communication skills and development of participants within the system.

Webinars and trainings

Solomon Mines conducts webinars on its youtube channel. We answer the questions that arise. We tell you how to correctly build your structure, how to start activities in your region, and much more.

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Youtube channel: Solomon Mines

Offsite training in the US: find your piece of the golden life in Nevada, luxury life in Miami or how to live to the max, training in Sedona, Arizona. Get to know yourself and get to know the world, but for lovers of the extreme - training on an ice floe is possible!

Visit the gold mines and participate in gold mining

Have you ever been to a real gold claim? Did you discover gold yourself?

Solomon Mines has developed special programs to visit the area and participate in gold mining. All that you find you will get to keep!

Relax and become richer!


Visit the homeland of the challenge, pass the challenge in Los Angeles!

Based on the famous films and books, plunge into the world of secrets and mysteries. Develop logical thinking, quick reaction and the ability to find a way out of a difficult situation.

Forward for the adventure!

Club holiday

Solomon Mines will arrange a holiday in Hawaii, an extreme landscape located on the ocean, show you the beauty of the many waterfalls, the majesty of the Grand Canyon and much more (an extended program of excursions is available in your native language).