Registration of participants in Solomon Mines

Creating and activating your Account:
You can register at either by yourself, or using a referral link provided by the Participant who personally invited you  

  1. Fill out the REGISTRATION form
  2. Enter your (personal) data
  3. Enter your e-mail address
  4. &Accept the Solomon Mines terms and conditions

When you correctly enter all the REGISTRATION form data and press the “Register” button, an email with a registration confirmation link will be sent to the email address listed in the form. The link will remain valid for 24 hours after the email has been sent.

After you confirm your registration using the above link, you will receive your personal Solomon Mines registration number (ID) and access to your Account

Preparation and signing of paperwork on your Account page:

As soon as you get access to your Account, you need to sign the documents available in the “Agreements” section

  •  Accept the Club Policies
  • Execute Agreement 1 (Purchasing Agent Agreement)
  • Execute Agreement 2 (Benefit Agency Agreement)

After the Agreements have been executed, you receive a “Participant” status within the Solomon Mines system and your individual Participant referral link gets created

Completion of the registration step:

Within 5 days after you get access to your Account page, you must complete the registration step, more specifically:

  • Select a program to take part in (INDIVIDUAL or BUSINESS)
  • Fill out an application on your Account page for the purpose of purchasing your first Gold Packet
  • Pay for your first Gold Packet (using either of the following methods: (1) by wire transfer to the Solomon Mines account, (2) through a payment system (select from 3 payment systems available)

After you have paid for your first Gold Packet, you get full access to the Account tools available in the Solomon Mines system

The Solomon Mines Club offers two program options for participation:

(it is your choice, but you are required to comply with the Program terms below)

First Gold Packet purchase terms
not less than 2 Gold Bullion Bar ounce not less than 4 Gold Bullion Bar ounce
Terms of confirmation of the Activity Period (every 92 days)

Purchase of no less than 1 Gold Bullion Bar ounce


Engagement of 5 Active Participants

Purchase of no less than 2 Gold Bullion Bar ounces


Engagement of 5 Active Participants