What happens if a Member of your network is no longer Active?

When a Member of your Network does not extend their membership, their account is suspended for 30 days. During the suspension period, we encourage you to contact your referral and ask what happened. Our Customer Service Department will also try to engage them as well.

However, if nothing can be done to get them back, unfortunately, his or her account will be deleted. Please note, you can find the terms of early contract termination in your Agreement.

What happens to your network if one of the spots get vacated?


Let's look at this chart. For example, a Member #2 account is deleted. His spot will be taken by the next Active Member. In this case, it is member #11 and the spot of Member #11 will be taken by member #56 (the first Active Member on the lower rank). The rest will be distributed chronologically according to the dates they initially purchased their Gold bars.


So, if a Member of your Network is no longer active, your Network does not break down but becomes smaller by one Member.

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