Participants work in Solomon Mines structure

According to the terms of the program they can use that option.

If two participants of the Buisniess Program (at your Level 1) from the beginning and until expiration of the current Activity Period, engage up to 5 new active personally engaged Individual Program participants, then these 10 participants will be placed into available open spots within your Structure (since your Level 2 has been completely filled, they will automatically go to available spots at Level 3 - spots 16 to 25 at Level 3) and the amount of income you earn will be as follows:

*at the moment of the participants’ joining the Club — 10 INDIVIDUAL Program participants* 2,556 USD * 1.5% (your Level 3) = 383.40 USD

That is instead of 204.48 USD for extending the Activity for two Level 1 participants, you gain 383.40 USD plus 10 new participants at Level 3 within your Structure.

You always gain income (your bonus), regardless of your level and the number of participants within your Structure. The System will automatically credit the amount earned to your account.

You are not selling products, you are just recommending that others invest in their own savings and preserve their funds.