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Where Your Gold Bars Are Stored

 The First 1,000 Active Members who purchase 4 g (0.128 troy ounce) of Gold bars during their first Active Period will receive 1 year of free gold storage.

Хранение золотых слитковHave you been wondering what happens after you buy your Gold bars? Well, here is your answer. They are safely transferred and stored in your personal deposit box at Brink's Depository, our trusted partner with more than 160 years of history. In this article, you can find a full description of their facilities and their services.

Each time you purchase your Gold bars, Solomon Mines makes sure that they are safely transferred and stored at one of three Brinks Depository's (Los Angeles, Omaha, New York). To ensure the highest level of service and security we partnered with one of the most respected providers on the market of valuable cargo - Brink's Depository. As your Agent, we open a deposit box in your name.  

Since 1859, Brink’s has been the licensed depository of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) / Commodity Exchange (COMEX).

What is the Brink’s Depository?

Brink’s was founded in 1859 and started as a provider of armed escort for cargo transport. 15 years later, Brink’s turned into the primary global hub for secure transport of valuable cargo.

Today, thousands of companies worldwide rely on Brink’s for transport and storage of valuable cargo. The company has over fifty thousand employees that go through a rigorous selection process and uphold the standards of trust, integrity, respect, quality and security.

The company assumes full responsibility for all cargo it accepts for transport regardless of its point of origin or destination.

Some Of The Services Brink's Provides
Brinks storage


Brink's provides secure storage facilities for Gold bullion bars around the world.




Weighing Gold


Brink’s ensures the preparation of valuable cargo for transportation, its weighing and acceptance.






Incasator Brink`s

Logistic Services

Gold bullion bars can be safely delivered around the world via air, sea or road. Door-to-door delivery includes acceptance, storage and customs clearance of cargo.





For the entire duration of your contract with Solomon Mines, your Gold will be safely stored at Brink's Depositories in the USA.  



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