How Much Can You Earn as Digital Business Owner

How to earn as a Solomon Mines Digital Business Owner is key to running a successful Digital Business. 

Your platform is comprised of Seven (7) ranks and each rank has a set number of members & accompanying ROI from each rank level.

At full capacity, your network will accommodate for up to 97,655 members on your personal network.  This is a culmination of ALL your members (Ranks 1 - 7).  Your income from a full network (97,655 members) would be $69,533 dollars. In addition, you would be receiving income every 61 days (the Activity Period) via members on your Platform who are purchasing their 1 Gram of gold (Minimum purchase) to extend their Activity Period (61 days). Learn more...How much can you earn with Rewards Program and what is your ROI.

In addition, your Platform contains two rewards programs that are on top of the regular earnings potential listed here. These two programs are - Elite Leader Rewards & Gold Member Rewards.  The highest reward on the Elite Leader Rewards Program is a $30,000 reward and the highest reward on the Gold Member Reward Program is $15,000. The great thing about both of these awards is that if you qualify for an award on both programs, you are eligible to receive both. 

Remember, your Platform supports both active & passive clients so there is truly something here for everyone. 

Come check out how easy it is to own your own digital business simply by registering on our website with your name & email today. You would then be entitled to a 14-day FREE trial where you will learn everything about the Solomon Mines Digital Business Package, and just how easy it is to be a Digital Business owner today. 



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Become a Member of Solomon Mines In 3 Easy Steps

1.  Fill out the Profile

2.  Purchase 2 grams (0.064 troy ounce) of gold bars
     You can buy gold via bank transfer, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) or Apple Pay

3.  Generate additional income via the Mutual Profit Sharing Fund for members