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Rockefellers against the Rothschilds

If You wish to manage thousands of people, You have to learn how to control two or three humans. If You wish to manage two or three of people, You have to learn how to manage Yourself.
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For many centuries, the Rothschild dynasty and Rockefellers have multiplied their wealth and striving to achieve world supremacy. As you know, Rockefellers made their fortune in the oil industry and the Rothschilds became rich through the gold.
The rivalry of these clans, for the last decades, is almost inaudibly and mostly secretly to society, but it wasn't always so. The Two World wars, multiple financial crises and coups d'etat, including the disintegration of the USSR, - are the confrontation result between two dominant world Dynasties.

Supremacy was variable for both sides, but the opportunity of the gold price setting by the Rothschilds directive was managed to deal with a crushing blow to the positions of the US dollar on the world stage. As a result, dollar falls sharply in value, and gold rises more than 10 times in one decade.

Today, the Rothschild dynasty is having control of the whole world finance flow entire, which they skillfully direct to the more profitable world regions. For the centuries, Rothschilds accumulated their gold reserves and could manage their gold capital which brings them colossal profits. At the moment, their fortune is estimated at $3.2 trillion.

It's possible that confrontation between Rockefellers and Rothschilds will continue for a very long time, despite the recently signed assets merger agreement. Also, an important factor is - that Rockefellers withdraw their assets from the oil industry...

Successful investors, striving to achieve huge profits, are interested in productive strategies that would protect their wealth in the future and would help create reliable investment portfolios that would withstand any global economic cataclysm.

And, more recently, Lord Jacob Rothschild, who is rightly considered an experienced international investor, announced his intention to reduce investments from a stock market and currency, and replace them of the investment course, towards the precious metals market. The reason for that - was Rothschilds' concern with a central bank's policy, in particular, with their very low-interest rates with negative returns and a huge quantitative easing to the economic support of their countries. In his opinion, the central banks, in fact, get out of control, and Jacob Rothschild decides to purchase the gold, understanding the scale of what is happening. After all, his family, actually , controls the world's central banks during the centuries...

In fact, Rothschilds warn us, that the world now is in "uncharted waters," and the consequences are "impossible" to predict. And, at the moment, the central banks are the part of "the largest monetary experiment" in the whole history of the world. His advice is:

Purchase the Gold Now For the wealth preservation in Future.

The main conclusion we need to make for us is - that investing in gold is much better. Since gold has always been more promising and more reliable than all historically, already forgotten, "golden analogs". The gold market is more stable and predictable, and it's historically proved.

The main advantage of a gold investing now, - is unique in, that the world positions of the Rothschild's dynasty are stronger than Rockefeller's. And, that means, that


The gold price will continue to grow, and a profit from the gold investments - will be certainly increasing as well.

With gold, you are accurately insured against any unfavorable and unpredictable situations at the financial market. And, even let, there are a "different economics crises" in economics - they will not only not be able to affect your income, but, most likely, they play only in your favor.


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