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Would You like to purchase a gold bars? Solomon Mines Club will help You with It! Just register and get everything You need.

You have to do a few more steps to finish Your considered registration  as a  full clubs partner to start accumulating Your Gold fortune.

1. Now, You will receive a letter with confirmation link of your email  address.vTap - to go to Your Personal Cabinet, where You can finish to fill out Your Profile

1.1 Click "menu" at the top
1.2 Select "profile edit " from the drop-down menu
1.3 Fill in all the fields on this page.

Our Congratulations, You are Close.

2. Select the partner program for join in (the link is in Your Personal Cabinet)

3. Purchase Your first Gold bars and Welcome to the Club 

If You have any Questions, You can find the answers in our FAQ section.

You can also write to the club administration on any of Your questions - We are Always in Touch with You, and always gladly Ready to help You

Our E-Mail Address— 
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On the website - There is also service online - (in the right lower corner)

With Our Best Regards

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