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7 Golden Rules of Life by John D. Rockefeller

We would like to present you with the 7 rules, which were created by John D. Rockefeller, the first dollar billionaire, businessman, investor and philanthropist.

Джон Рокфеллер 

1.Always try to make a turn of any kind of catastrophe into a new opportunity.

2. Those who work all day don't have time for making money. It's like a rocking chair - You do something, but you always stay at the same place.

3. If your Goal is only to become rich, you will never reach it.

4. A friendship which is based on a business is much better than a business, which is based on friendship.

5. No one ever guesses what will happen in this life, but you should always remember and know that you were born for something More.

6. Earn your own Reputation, and It will start to earn for you.

7. There is no greater quality more important and needed for success as perseverance. Even laws of nature can be overcome by Perseverance.

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