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24 Everyday Things You Can Buy Made Of Real Gold

  Have you ever been standing in the middle of your living room vacuuming up cat hair and thought, "Man, this moment in my life would be so much better if my vacuum cleaner was made of 24K gold"? Like not all of it - just the parts that are usually metal or plastic. The bag can still be regular bag material. Well, here is some good news: The thing that would make your dream come true exists! And it's for sale for only $999,999 on the Internet!

  Here is a list and gallery of regular things you can buy made of actual gold. No longer will you have to put up with regular headphones that are not made from 18K gold. Treat yourself to the $14,500 earbuds so you can hear Train the way they were meant to be heard. You deserve them. And throw away your disgusting plebeian plastic straws with the red stripes. Where did you even get those? McDonald's? For only $850, you can purchase four whole straws that are made from stainless steel and overlaid with pure 24K gold. Now, that is luxury. Can you imagine drinking liquid through a straw like that? My point is: You don't have to! You can buy these items online right now.

  Why buy gold things that you can get for much cheaper and that probably work better when made of more practical materials? Well, let me ask you this. Do illegal drugs work better when smoked out of 24K gold rolling papers? Maybe! If you hit a golf ball off an 18K gold tee, will you be more likely to get a hole-in-one? Who knows! Will Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II come to your dinner party if you sprinkle 24K gold leaf crumbs on your jalapeño poppers or whatever? Only one way to find out! Buy gold stuff today. It might make you a better person!


18K Gold Credit Card

The Royal Mint, which makes coins for the UK and other countries, printed a gold-plated credit card for people "who value high-quality luxury items that make a statement." The card can access an exclusive, premium account called "Raris" that allows cardholders to wave exchange rates and fees, and also offers "dedicated concierge services."



24K Gold Shoelaces

"When you purchase a pair of gold laces, they will be delivered by security and laced for you anywhere in the world," Mr. Kennedy.







24K Gold Straws

"Each 8 1/2" stainless steel straw is over laid inside and out with pure 24K gold and has a slightly larger diameter for any type of thick smoothie beverage... Sold in sets of 4 straws with exclusive 3D floating display case," The House of Solid Gold.





24K Gold Rolling Papers

"Luxury at your fingertips. Don't be at the party. Be the party," Shine Papers.







24K Gold-Plated Vacuum Cleaner

"The Hairball Your Cat Coughed Up This Morning Was Just Destroyed by the World’s Most Expensive Vacuum!"








24K Gold Putty

"This SPECIAL EDITION Thinking Putty contains not less than one gram of pure, powdered 24 karat gold!" Putty World.









22K Gold Toilet Paper

$1,376,900 AUD for one roll








24K Gold Neckties

7500 Swiss francs / $8,450 








24K Gold Olive Oil

"Golden Olive Oil contains 0,2 l of extra virgin olive oil of harmonised flavour and aroma, infused with 24-karat edible gold flakes... Upon purchase, the client receives an ownership card identifying the unique number assigned to each product. This card entitles the owner to special privileges — the possibility of purchasing a refill bottle of Golden Olive Oil without the luxurious wooden casing, and a visit to the olive grove on the Island of Hvar," Golden Olive Oil.



14K Gold Lego

"This brick is 25.65g of 14K gold (0.8246 troy oz). The brick is the same size and shape as the original 2x4 LEGO brick," Brick Envy.





24K Gold Bicycle

"Named the "The Beverly Hills Edition", this extreme mountain bike, also known as a "fat bike", is handcrafted and overlaid with pure 24K gold... The custom emblem bearing The House of Solid Gold logo, 'THSG' is embellished and encrusted with over 600 Black Diamonds (6.0 carats in total) and 500 Golden Sapphires (4.5 carats in total). The one of a kind customized seat is covered in the finest chocolate brown alligator and absolutely beautiful. The one of a kind water bottle is covered in gold and accented with chocolate brown stingray," The House of Solid Gold.


18K Gold Earbud Headphones

"A Swedish goldsmith in Old Town, Stockholm, makes the headphones by hand and the process takes around 5 weeks. 25 grams of solid gold are used for each pair of earphones, which gives the headphones weight as a large jewelry," Happy Plugs.







24K Edible Gold Leaf Crumbs

"Sure to maintain attention, they add a twinkle to any dish or confection."













22K Gold Sunglasses

"Oversized 22 carat gold plated titanium sunglasses, with unique angular lenses. The slim top-frame attached temples are made out of hand carved luxurious acetate, and are attached with stand-out 22 carat gold plated hinges. The gently curved top frame line is contrasted by a 'Key-Hole' bridge, and supported by gold coated metal nose cushions."






24K Gold Face Mask

"The performance and remarkable efficacy have been tested and measured by the Skin Test Institute Switzerland – a clinical test showing the visibly improvement of skin health and appearance in terms of radiance , elasticity and firmness Microwinkles are reduced - GoldCosmetica Gold Leaf 24 K Treatment is a perfect anti-ageing skin care," GoldCosmetica.





18K Gold Guitar Pick

"All are handmade and handcrafted of 18K solid gold in the USA to the standard full size and thickness of .025 thousandth of an inch. The final look is a beautiful high luster finish. The sound produced is a very authentic rich tone coaxing a mellow brightness for both acoustic and electric guitars and also turns into a makeshift slide," The House of Solid Gold.








24K Gold Bronzing Moisturizer

"Tinted moisturizer with 24K gold leaf that gives skin a sunkissed glow while erasing sunless tanning odor," XEN-TAN.










18K Gold Lighter

"Lifetime Guarantee," Zippo.









24K Gold Shoes

"Moretti created a pair of simple pumps for women and loafers for men made of velvet and covered in gold - and although the styles are a bit simple, the gold says it all," Alberto Moretti (via Luxury Insider).







24K Gold Multi-Tool

"This professionally modified multi-tool starts with a genuine Leatherman brand Surge multi-tool (newest version), built in Portland, Oregon. The Golden Eagle edition coats all stainless surfaces with our durable cobalt hardened gold plate," Leatherman (via RightTool USA).






18K Gold Pen and Pencil

"A crowning achievement, in pure 18-karat gold that's flawlessly engineered for a lifetime of effortless writing," Cross.





24K Gold Remote Control

Lantic Systems (via newlaunches)






18K Gold Golf Tee

"Gift wrapping available," The House of Solid Gold.









24K Gold Camera

"Sections of the camera are adorned in stingray leather, inclduing the focus and zoom rings, flash area, and grip. The Lux Nikon Kit includes all original accessories and is packaged in a custom Zero Halliburton camera case, that is finished by Brikk in 24K yellow gold," Brikk.





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