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10 Rockefeller Gold Rules

John Rockefeller is the first dollar billionaire in humanity history . In 1870, he founded the company of Standard Oil, which he ruled until his retirement. At the time of death, Rockefeller managed an accumulation of $ 1.4 billion.Today, taking into account inflation, this amount is $305 billion. Since, he was a philanthropist, after the death, a part of his money was given for a charity help.

John Rockefeller got started to earn already since his childhood. At the age of 7, he bred turkeys for sale and helped neighbors to harvest potatoes . All of incomes and expenses were fixed by the boy in a small notebook. From the first serious salary he bought for himself an accounting book, which he kept throughout his life. It was reminding about his evolution of becoming himself, and how it all has started out.

Only at the age of 13, Rockefeller loaned a familiar farmer $50 at 7.3% APR ;). At this age, the young man realized that money can work and they must to work.

Throughout life, John Rockefeller had formed his own rules, which helped him on his way to success. He shared them in his memoirs, and we'll tell You the most important ones. They'll tell you how to become rich and successful.

1. Try to work less for someone, create your own business and take care about. He proved that rule by his own example. Already, at the age of 18, Rockefeller became a junior business partner in company that dealt with hay, grain and meat.

2. We can achieve the wealth only through a passive income. " As more You work, as more you get poorer", - Rockefeller believed .That's why he chose to invest in large enterprises instead of running his own business. The most profitable contributions had made Rockefeller the owner of several large-scale companies, from which he had a revenue without his especial intervention. The billionaire believed that own forces and resources are limited and in depleting, - and when they are finished-the capital growth capacity ,probably, would be over as well.

3. Change Your catastrophe into a new opportunity. That kind of person, who doesn't do any mistakes - does nothing. Even, the richest men were caught up by a failures. But, despite that, he continued working to increase his capital.

4. Be open-minded, sociable, friendly and diplomatic. Money comes from other people and it's almost impossible - to get rich on one's own . In his company Standard Oil, Rockefeller was configured for openly and trusted communication with employees, so he was extraditing salaries to the company's shares. He was able to interest them in their work for the common good.

5. Surround Yourself with a right people. Friends, who are always dissatisfied with something, who are mired in debt and poverty, will "pull" you behind them, because they lives by " psychology of poverty ".How You can become rich and successful in such an environment? Only people with a "psychology of success" can motivate You to push towards the right decisions and actions. Communicating with them is always constructive and valuable.

6. Never forget about about saving. And remember, a savings have nothing to do with a greed. Phrase for remember "one cent saves a dollar". Create lists of necessary purchases and don't be ashamed of sales and promotions. Exactly the thrift, and ability to economize - allowed Rockefeller, at the age of 18, made his first profitable contribution - investing funds in a partnership for his own business develovpment.

7. Don't be afraid to take some responsibility. Only you are the master of your own life, so be responsible for Your decisions that can change Your own life. According to Rockefeller, avoidance of responsibility is the right step towards to poverty.

8. Be selfless and help people. John Rockefeller was a philanthropist all his life. From his first children's incomes 10% were givenn for a needs of church. With the increase in earnings it was increasing of number the charitable projects. The billionaire believed - the people need to be helped absolutely unselfishly, and with pure heart. In his old age, he donated half a billion as a charity needs.

9. Learn biographies and rich people memoirs. One of the most profitable contributions is - in self-education. Read, mark the important ideas, find a beneficial thoughts. Be inspired by the right examples of the most successful richest people.

10. Necessarily dream on! John Rockefeller was sure that dreaming is not only beneficial but necessary. All our goals are the products of our dreaming. Dreams and fantasies can become a powerful jogging force that is lead you finally for making some action and realize the desired reality.

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