What are the benefits of buying more physical Gold Bars?

It’s worthy to note that the larger the quantity of Gold you purchase, the more leverage you have to purchase your Gold at a reduced rate. Here’s an example of that below:

  Let’s say you were interested in purchasing Valcambi Gold and the day you were looking at it, one gram of Valcambi was priced at $79.00. That same day 10 Grams of Valcambi could be bought for $525.00. As you can see,  the difference in the per gram price vs a 10 gram price is about $265.00. So when you choose to purchase a larger quantity of Gold you actually save money on the overall transaction.  The nature of this leverage on price is because the Precious Metal Market and Gold Mines Companies (in our case Credit SuisseJohnson MattheyPerth Mint, Valcambi & Engelhard) produce Gold Bars at their factories by weight, and the more weight a Gold Bar is, the lesser the price per ounce or per gram.

In addition, the larger the Gold purchase, the longer you extend your activity period for as well, so its really a win win situation.


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