Methods for constructing Solomon Mines participant income

Your income will be built using the following three methods:
  1. Automatically
  2. By personal engagements
  3. By transfer from a higher-ranking Participant
Automatic income: (bonuses from the Solomon Mine system)

Immediately after you register and purchase your first Gold Packet, the Solomon Mines system will automatically place/add new participants registered in the Solomon Mines through the company’s advertising into your Structure. Such Participants are added to your Structure regardless of whether or not you have any personally engaged Participants.

Personal engagements (using your individual Participant referral link)

At the time of registration in the Solomon Mines system, you get your individual Participant referral link that can be used to register new Participants engaged by you to join the Solomon Mines system.

Transfer from a higher-ranking Participant


Considering that each level within the Solomon Mines system has a limited number of participants (for example, the maximum number of Participants at Level 1 is 5, the maximum number at Level 2 is 25 and so on), all subsequently engaged Participants will be placed in/distributed within your Structure between available open spots from Level 2 to Level 7. Thus, a higher-ranking Participant would help a lower-ranking one build their Network.