Member Requirements

Conditions to become an Active Member of Solomon Mines

To become an Active Member you are required to purchase a minimum of 2 grams of gold (0.064 troy ounce) and your first Active Period (61 days) will immediately commence.

*If you wish to purchase more Gold than the minimum (2 grams), you are permitted.

Conditions to extend your Activity Period

There are 2 ways to extend your Activity Period:

A minimum purchase of 1 gram of gold every 61 days (2 months ).

Your referral of 5 New Active Members in your Network within one Active Period (61 days).

Please Read Carefully

Whenever any Active Member purchases Gold, the 11% contribution fee (which is included in the total of each purchase) is directed to our Mutual Profit Sharing Fund. Here these funds are distributed amongst all Active Members according to their Rank. This process happens immediately upon any Gold purchase on our Platform. Our Mutual Profit Sharing Fund is one of the keys to our foundation. Our Platform has 7 Ranks in our system which you will read more about in your Membership Agreement.

Duration Agreement Terms

 This Agreement is for a term of 24 months from the date upon which the Agreement is signed. However, after a Member has been a Member of the Club at least 6 months, the Member is allowed to convert this Agreement to a term of 3 years from the date upon which the Agreement is signed.


Become a Member of Solomon Mines In 3 Easy Steps

1.  Fill out the Profile

2.  Purchase 2 grams (0.064 troy ounce) of gold bars
     You can buy gold via bank transfer, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) or Apple Pay

3.  Generate additional income via the Mutual Profit Sharing Fund for members