Honeymoon in the USA

Wedding ceremonies in the USA

Do you wish  to spend your most important day unforgettable! We will help you to realize all the brightest and most unusual wishes. We will provide your personal celebration script , we will agree and take care of all the design details, and will take care of all your wishes in advance. We will arrange for you the most important day in life at the highest level.

Main cities for wedding ceremonies in the USA:

Las Vegas, Hawaii, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Boston, Napa - Valley of winemaking, Santa Barbara,  and the other romantic places in the USA.

CONCIERGE SOLOMON GOLD offers more than 100 packages of wedding ceremonies in the USA, including:

  • A wedding in an Orthodox, Catholic church, or a ceremony in a miniature chapel
  • "Drive-thru" Ceremony   (without leaving car)
  • Weddings with Elvis
  • Ceremony in romantic gazebo in garden
  • Ceremony in helicopter during the flight on the Grand Canyon  or ,  over the main Las Vegas street
  • Rides around city on a limousine, wedding ceremonies during a city tour  "Love In A Limo".

The Company has a wide selection of  thematic ceremonies - pirate, Hawaiian, gangster, Egyptian, Gothic, beach, Harley-Davidson, rock and roll, western style, gondola wedding, weddings on horseback, weddings in the Valley of Lights national park, weddings in the Red Rock National Park and symbolic ceremonies.

Key points, depending only from you at this day:

1. To be the company member

2. And you mustn't be under 18 years old, and in Hawaii - 19 years.

We take care of ceremony, priests, bouquets, music, photos and videos, rent suits, wedding party cake, absolutely everything,  including wedding legalization in any part of the world ;). All your worries fell on our shoulders!

Types of wedding ceremonies:

1. Wedding in Las Vegas - San Francisco - Los Angeles

2. Wedding in Grand Canyon + Travel in California

3. Weddings in Las Vegas

4. "Romantic" ceremony

  • A Ceremony in chapel;
  • Transfer by  luxury car - hotel - chapel - back- for a  groom and a bride;
  • Traditional wedding music during the ceremony;
  • Witness, if necessary;
  • Wedding coordinator;
  • A graceful wedding bouquet for a bride;
  • Boutonniere for a groom;
  • Ceremony's photo album ;
  • The Online – Webcast;

5. Wedding ceremony with Elvis

6. Gangster Wedding Ceremony

  • Transfer by limousine from  hotel - chapel - back
  • Leading of Ceremony "Godfather"
  • An Italian waiter
  • Hall decoration and appropriate music
  • Theatrical lighting and fog
  • Bouquet for the bride
  • Boutonniere for the groom
  • Photographs
  • Collecting the Chapel of services of presenter
  • Live broadcast of your ceremony

7.  Wedding Ceremony on the beach in Las Vegas

8. Wedding Ceremony in the air over Las Vegas - one of the most exclusive and extreme  ways of wedding celebration in  Vegas.

9. Wedding in Venetian style  on Las Vegas  Lake

10. Wedding in the Fire Valley

11. Wedding on the lake shore at 15 minutes from  Vegas

12. Wedding in chapel + helicopter trip to Grand Canyon

13. Wedding ceremonies in the Hawaiian Islands

14. Wedding or symbolic wedding ceremony on an one of  the beaches: Waikiki - Magic Island - Waialae Beach Park - Honolulu

15. Wedding ceremony under the white sail

16. Wedding ceremony at Angels Bay beach is the second most popular wedding package in Hawaii (after waterfalls of Pukalani Falls and Angels Bay combined). Angels Bay is a paradise beach,  4 miles long, famous for its golden sand and emerald ocean. Around it are several islands and mountain cliffs, where exotic animals and birds live.