Questions and answers

General questions about the project

Our main goal - helping people save their money by investing gold , in unstable time, around the world.
We are engaged in providing our services for purchase and storage gold

We purchase gold from 50-year-old world dealer - Hardford Gold Group, - and store it, in 150 years old Brink's depositary, which has branches in a many locations around the world.

Also, for people, who don't have an opportunity buy gold bars on ongoing basis, we are giving the opportunity make money by using our unique cash rewards system.

By the way, for an active club members, we are providing gold purchase loans $ 50,000 - $ 3,000,000 at 7.3% per year.

We are also help in business USA development , in training, in an insurance, and in a huge numbers of other services according to premium service Concierge Gold.

People started mine gold more than seven thousand years ago, and since then, value of this precious metal is only growing. Its price from 2000 to 2010 increased from $ 300 per ounce to $ 1,300. In 2005, stock Google price matched one reference gold ounce. And after 3 years, gold ounce price outstripped one stock company price by more than in three times.

Gold - is the most important element of the world financial system. It's non-corrosive, approving at many high-tech industries and, with relatively, in small reserves . Banks all over the world store 32 thousand tons of this metal. This number could be represente as a cube with a facets line of 12 meters.

In 2017, due to record gold purchases in China, Russia, Korea and other countries, - in second quarter of 2017, gold was bought by record volumes (5,555,649 ounces), and it will continue to grow at a record pace.

                                                    How do you think - Now, is the best gold investing time?

This gold is not just physical - we buy for you only 5 types the most liquid certified gold bars (each ounce has its own manufacturer special packaging and personal serial number, which is each club member can see in his Personal Cabinet Savings History :

  • Credit Suisse Gold Bars,
  • Johnson Matthey Gold Bars,
  • Minted Gold Bars of Perth Mint,
  • Valcambi Gold CombiBar, Engelhard Gold Bars,

Through the proven 50-year of Hartford Gold Group distributor work.

The aforementioned gold bars quality is recognized the independent opinions of an experts, such as:

  • Professional Coin Grading Service Inc,
  • Numismatic Guarantee Corporation of America,
  • America Numismatic Association Certification Service (ANACS).

All gold will be considered Yours, and at the same time it is being save, for 3 years, in Brink`s depository.

With each club member we conclude an agreement , in where we are acknowleged as an agent for purchases of gold and temporary storage of gold bars.

In this case, an agreement transfers all property gold bars rights, which are stored in Brink's depository.

Gold is a long-term asset. All dealers and professional investors recommend making long-term deposits for 3-10 years at least.

We are primarily focused on making your profit. So, at the club's agreement level with a club member we recomend take a minimum storage period and membership for 3 years - for your evaluation of all charms in gold investing, even with a small amounts (1-2 troy ounces per 3 months).

You definitely can break agreement with club and pick up your gold (or sell it through us or another dealer ) at any time. But according to the law " Preventing and counteracting proceeds legalization (laundering) getting in crime" we imposed 10% penalty fee for early termination. That means, at purchase time, we will redeem your gold 10% below market value. Or, we'll subtract these 10% from bonuses of your cash rewards system, which you earned our club while, and you'll take your gold.

It's our reward's Club System of an active club members for their recommendations and acquaintances invitations.

Please, don't confuse it with banal recruiting in MLM. We regard this system as an opportunity buy gold for those, who don't have capital, - as our help in building it . All of it's details you will learn after free registration.


  • We don't have any distibution plans ( as well as sales of something to other people).
  • We don't sell club membership and don't allow our members to do this.
  • We don't give you promises of over-earnings as in finance pyramids and hip-ups.

And most importantly, we are registered in the United States, in the state of Florida, where "pyramid schemes", "hipes and fast enrichment systems" are banned at the legislative level.

We received all necessary permits for activities.

A system member age - 21 years and over, make all financial transactions in system by own behalf, and only from personal bank account. Payments from third parties are considered invalid.

Just go for two-minute registration.

Fill the member profile of club, sign the agreement with our company, choose a convenient payment method, - and after email confirming  You can accumulate gold bars, take part in a club program, receive bonuses, including and possibilities get all our services.

Double security:

a password for accessing the participant Account page in addition to a separate financial password for performing financial transactions through your Account page

Control over the income building process:

all financial transactions performed by the participants from your Structure, as well as your own are reflected on your Bonus Report available on your Account page


Flexibility in choosing your method of income payment:


by wire transfer to your bank account or bank card, or via a payment system (PerfectMoney, PayPal, PayEasy)