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If You received this letter - it means Your profile is temporarily blocked.

Five days ago You regested in our club, but, upon registration completion, You didn't do some number of actions to become a full Club Partner.

We suggest You to familiarize Yourself with a short video, where You can find our step-by-step describing instruction for becoming a full club partner:

For Your understanding of the club partnership suggestiveness being, here is a total table of possible incomes with Solomon Mines:

Watched? Now, let's sum up the results:

 In Your Personal Cabinet You have to fill out Your Profile:

1.1 Click "menu" at the top
1.2 Select "edit profile" from the drop-down menu
1.3 Fill in all the fields on this page

Our Congratulations, You are Close.

2. Select the partner program for join in (the link is in Your Personal Cabinet)

3. Purchase Your first Gold bars and Welcome to the Club!

It's important ! When  Your profile is blocked and You can't get into Your Personal Cabinet, please contact with our Club administration to unblock it. Also, You'll be provided by the all answers to all of Your questions.

You can contact us in the following ways:

By writing to the email— 
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Or by connecting with website online service ( in right lower corner)