Advantages of Solomon Mines

Solomon Mines  Solomon Minesis based upon 7 principles

Timeless product


Gold has always been and will be valuable in the future. It can be converted into real money in any country. Gold virtually never loses value with respect to the world’s currencies. People buy it, as it is linked to their personal benefits and those of future generations.

A highly liquid asset


Gold is a highly liquid asset. Advantages of highly liquid assets: protection of devaluation and inflation, as well as possibility of quickly converting assets into hard cash. The easier and quicker it is to get the full cash value of the asset, the more liquid it is.


Decent storage facility


Your gold is stored at Brink’s, the American depositary specializing in the industry for more than 150 years. Storage is provided within the USA. Besides you can enjoy the first two (out of three) years of use of the depositary for free.

No need to sell the product, you just invest in your savings

You buy gold exclusively for your personal use, and it becomes your own property. You invite investors (those just like yourself) that invest in gold to preserve your savings.


Control over the income building process

You have access to information about the income of each participant in your structure (on all 7 levels), which gives you an opportunity to control the process of building your income linked to your structure.

Those you invest into are not your competitors, but your students and followers

You are building a structure based on family traditions with knowledge and experience passed on to your students (your children) regardless of their age.