What are the advantages of buying Solomon Mines ingots

Anyone sooner or later starts thinking about their savings, goes to the stock market and creates their portfolio, or goes to the bank to make a deposit!

Solomon Mines makes it possible for you to use gold bullion bars as a highly liquid asset producing the most effective savings! When you buy gold with Solomon Mines, you buy it at market price. At the same time, you become part of the Club system and create your Structure. When you join the Program, you get a return on your investment immediately upon a third participant joining your Structure.
2 ounces * 1,278 USD + 2 ounces * 1,278 USD * 0.11 = 2,556 USD + 281.16 USD = 2,837.16 USD, of which:
  • 2,556 USD is your investment in gold bullion bars (you purchased 2 ounces of gold)
  • 281,16 долларов – это 11% от Ваших инвестиций, которые являются Вашим взносом в развитие Клубной системы (это Ваш взнос в развитие Клубной системы)

So, at the time of joining the Club, you invest the following amount in the system: 2,556 USD * 11% = 281.16 USD

Then you engage 3 more new Individual Program participants to join your Structure at Level 1; and the system credits the following income to your account as soon as a participant joins the structure:

3 Individual Program participants * 4% = 306.72 USD (your income).

So, you invested 281.16 USD, and earned the amount of 306.72 USD that completely makes up for your investment in the system.