Additional features of Concierge Gold

Concierge Gold is Your Support in the US

Take Advantage of Your Access to Concierge-Gold:

Investing in Real Estate in the US

Commercial and residential real estate from developers in the US. Full professional support of the transaction: assessment of legislative and tax implications, depending on the state and district, the location of the property, verification of permits for real estate, the provision of a licensed real estate agent. If you fell in love with this country and want to live in the US, we will help with immigration.

Opening a Business in the US and Obtaining a Business Visa

Concierge-Gold specialists have prepared a number of potentially profitable business proposals for you, saving time and effort. Having carried out extensive research and analysis, we are ready to offer you the opportunity to open or purchase a turnkey business project. Concierge Gold will select a business in the United States that fits your interests.

Learn about the most promising investment projects today.

Legal, Managerial and Accounting Support

Competent development of your business and a smooth transition into the United States is possible if you rely on a team of multidisciplinary specialists. Professional business support is essential when conducting business internationally.

There are often questions related not only to business processes, but also for adapting to everyday life. When you risk missing important moments and plan incorrectly, for example transfer of assets from one country to another, this can lead to significant losses.

Our experts have an immense amount of experience in the field of immigration law, business development and cost optimization. Beginning with the preparation of a thorough document package in compliance with US legal legislation, Concierge Gold provides full support at the initial stage, and if you wish, continued support of your business.

Turnkey Company Opening

Choosing the right state in which to establish your business in terms of tax law and state laws is critical. Attention! When registering a company in the United States, it should be kept in mind that there is a two-tier tax system in the country (state taxes and federal taxes). To register any company in the US, you need to contact the government and submit a prepared package of documents. Concierge-Gold will perform the following actions on your behalf:

  • Collection of documents and submission to the State
  • Registering a company with the US Internal Revenue Service and obtaining a Federal Tax ID (tax number) for conducting business
  • Opening an account with a bank
  • Provision of a legal address for receiving business correspondence
  • Licensing of certain types of company activities in the US (if necessary)
  • Preparation of internal corporate documents, the appointment of a director and printing (if necessary)

The main organizational and legal forms of companies in the US:

- Partnership-Partnerships

- Limited Liability Company (LLC)

- Corporation - Corporation (Corp.)


Data on the company's income tax in each US state

(as of 2017):

For more detailed information, please direct your questions to the specialists of Concierge Gold through your Personal Area on the site.

And also other possibilities:

  • Educational programs and advanced training at the best universities in the United States, improving English with a native speaker.
  • Want to build a career in the US? Ask us how and let us protect you from unnecessary problems: act as your HR agent, provide immigration support, prompt tax, legal and life aspects.
  • Medical support for you and your family in the US: from health insurance to clinic selection, treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Realize your dream: we will take care of the detailed planning of your trip and nothing can distract you from realizing your dream!