Account lockout

You cannot prove you Activity Period:

- you did not purchase your minimum Gold Packet (1 ounce for the INDIVIDUAL Program, 2 ounces for the BUSINESS Program);
- you did not engage 5 new participants to join your Structure (since according to the terms of the Program, it is only those new participants personally engaged by you who are considered for the extension of each Activity Period)

The system will block your account for 30 days. During these 30 days (the period the account was blocked for) you will not receive the percentage (your bonuses) of the income from your Structure and it will not be credited to your account, the bonuses received for this period will expire and cannot be restored. You will need to contact the administrator within 30 days after your account gets blocked and let the System Administrator know whether you are going to:

- either terminate of the Agreements (with mandatory payment of penalties if the Agreements get terminated less than 3 years after they are concluded);
- or purchase your Gold Packet to prove your Activity Period.

30 days after your account is blocked the system will automatically delete your account without the possibility of recovery.

When a user gets deleted from the system, it performs the following actions:

  1. The deleted user’s Structure gets transferred to a higher-ranking user;
  2. The participant informs the company about their decision regarding all the ounces they acquired before the account was blocked, and either (1) the documents are transferred directly to the participants for keeping, or (2) instructions are provided to the company as regards selling those ounces;
  3. 10 percent penalty of gold accumulation is charged from the user.