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The Solomon Mines Buying Club helps you to keep and increase your savings

Solomon Mines is an international company headquartered in the US. Our purpose is to assist our clients in the purchase of gold bars to increase their wealth, creating a brighter future for themselves and their children.

Solomon Mines offers a profitable alternative for those, who don't want to put their life on hold, and end up living their early years in unfulfilling, underpaid jobs. When you invest in gold with us, it is possible that you will no longer need to worry about your children's future or money during your golden years

Gold is One of the Best Precious Metal for Investment

We help you buy gold and make money on it. Gold is protected against inflation and can easily be converted into cash, making it ideal for investing. Gold reserves are limited, and as a result, its value has been steadily increasing since 1971, when the United States canceled the convertibility of gold in national currency. Meaning that national currency was no longer backed by a physical resource, and a troy ounce of this precious metal soared in price from 35 to 800 dollars in just a few years.

Another sharp jump in gold prices occurred in the early part of the 21st century. Today, the cost of a troy ounce is around 1300 dollars. The staggering consistency of the value of this precious metal attracts the attention of investors around the world, and those who adhere to this strategy, were able to maintain and increase their capital several times over.

Earn money on the growth of gold bars and utilize the liquid assets, generating high returns.

This is an opportunity to become a member of the first company offering this unique opportunity to buy gold bars through an established investment program.

You don't need to have a certain social status, a large amount of starting capital, or a special economic education. The only qualifications we require are that you are over 21 years of age, and have a desire to learn how to effectively earn money and become financially independent.

You can be in any part of the world, working and doing everything that you love because depositing gold does not require additional time or careful market study. In order to reliably buy gold bars, you only need a mobile internet source or a wifi connection. Everything else is on the Solomon Mines website: quotes, convenient payment system, access to a reliable storage with Brink's, a 150-year history, and gold bar samples of 999.9/1000 purity.

Solomon Mines allows you to profitably buy gold, build your own team, build a business, and earn a stable income. With Solomon Mines, you will learn and understand the types of gold, types of gold bars, and coins.

We Will Take Care of Your Gold Bars

Solomon Mines offers you the opportunity to buy one of the five most profitable gold bars at an exceptional rate. The company will provide safe and secure storage for your gold. For this, we use the American depository Brink's, which has specialized in this field for more than 150 years. Storage is organized in the United States, with six months of use of the depository provided to you, free of charge.

Since 1859, Brink's has been the licensed depositary of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) / COMEX Exchange (Commodity Exchange)

Members of Solomon Mines Club can store their gold bars in one of Brink's depositories around the world and use their transportation services. Brink's provides preparation, weighing and acceptance of gold, storage, customs declaration, and door-to-door delivery.

You can become a member of the Solomon Mines partner marketing program and earn cash

Solomon Mines offers an investment in gold using a unique economic model, through which you can receive an additional source of income. The members you invite to be part of the program, will not be competitors, but students and partners, who will also make a profit. You can also control the growth of your profits at all levels, purchase gold, monitor the market, and increase your capital.

Club Members Receive Access The GOLD Concierge System

The members are provided with training programs, travel to the US, and a membership in the exit trainings program at special prices.

Club Solomon Mines Allows You to Earn and Save

When the world economy becomes unstable, an independent source of income is needed. Solomon Mines can become your golden shelter. With us, you can profit from a gold investment, buy and accumulate assets, build a career, increase your capital, travel more, and be confident about your future.

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Email: info@solomon.gold

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