Gold is money and nothing else
All the rest is credit.
Morgan John Pierpont

Cash Rewards System
The eternal engine of Your well-being

Solomon Mines purchases for You
Only the high quality gold bars - Approved and Certified *
Approved and certified

Solomon Mines provides all tools
for the increase of Your income

Solomon Mines is the Сlub,
which brings together people, who Store and Earn the own funds

Only high quality gold bars - Approved and Certified *

"Credit Suisse" Gold Bars
"Johnson Matthey" Gold Bars
Perth Mint “Gold Minted Bars”
Valcambi Gold "CombiBar"
"Engelhard" Gold Bars

*by independent experts

Professional Coin Grading Service
Numismatic Guaranty Corporation of America
American Numismatic Association
Certification Service (ANACS)

All of gold bars are Yours:

- They belong to You under Agreement;
- You can withdraw them up at any time;
- Gold can be passed by inheritance;
- Optionally we can Redeem the Gold bars from You;

World Gold Depository

Gold bars are stored in USA
150-year-old depository Brink's, New York, USA.
Brink's has branches in 41 countries around the world,,
59000 employees,
1100 storages and 12000 cars.

Dealer with a 50-year history

The Club purchase a gold bars from
The Hartford Gold Group
In precious metals market > 50 years
Evaluation of satisfaction A +
Trustpilot rating
Business consumer alliance АА

Acquired BBB
Better Business Bureau
(13 factors of business valuation)

Time in business
Compliance with license
Absence of the unsolved complaints.
Clear business practices

and mathematically flawless
Cash Rewards System

Our unique Club Reward System allows to receive a commission from the gold bars purchased by partners

Club loan

Solomon Mines provides loans to an active Club partners for the gold bars purchase at the interest rate - 7.3% APR .
For Your Over-Results -the Club loan - from $ 50,000 to $ 3,000,000

Additional income
without effort

Club system automatically distributes commission from gold purchases from new members between active existing

Solomon Mines - is eternal engine of your well-being.
All You need is - Free Register and Follow by Instructions

For a first 100 members — storage year, providing free in charge by the Brink's Depositary

there are only 68 members left

Still not Enough Advantages?
For the Active Club Partners We have Premium Service - Concierge GOLD

This and Much More We Organize Turn-Key for Active Partners of the Club .
All, you need, is, - to go through free registration and follow by instructions

For a first 100 members — storage year, providing free in charge by the Brink's Depositary

there are only 68 members left

Troy ounce rate 1269.89

Market Quotes

US Dollar / JP Yen 112.75

US Dollar / Euro 0.86

US Dollar / UK Pound 0.76

Ben Bernanke, Head of the Federal Reserve

"Gold is an unusual asset. It is an asset that people hold as a disaster insurance tool. "

World central banks

In II quarter of 2017, gold was purchased with record volumes (5,555,649 ounces)

David Bach

"The only thing you have to do is to find a reputable company you can trust, and the company of offering goods or services, from which you are realy delighted with."

Paul Higgins of “Capital Economics”

The Forecasts - the gold price will reach $2,000, already at the end of this year

John Rockefeller

"I would prefer to receive from 1% of the hundred people efforts, than from 100% of my own ones"

Gold Antelope

"How can I return them to you?" After all, I cann't differentiate between your gold from mine. Suddenly I will give you my gold by mistake? And I don't intend of giving my gold to anyone else ! "